How To: Skin Care During & After Puberty

Poor kids, puberty is the worst thing ever. It's so embarrassing and awkward. They're constantly worried about how they look and what the opposite sex thinks about them. When they get acne, it is really hard on them! I can't tell you how many teenagers have come in my treatment room looking completely hopeless. I... Continue Reading →

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Cutting The Cord- Setting Yourself Free

I talk about cord cutting A LOT! I try to get everyone to do it because it doesn't require any tools and can be done anywhere, anytime! For things that take a little more work, you can totally make this a whole ritual and use tools. I will go into a more extensive ritual in... Continue Reading →


New Moon Manifestations

Syncing ourselves with the moon's cycles helps us tune into the universe and our intuition & subconscious. The New Moon brings us the opportunity to look within and work with the universe to manifest the things we desire. How to use manifesting to your benefit Manifesting has a lot of gray areas and can be... Continue Reading →

The Moon, It’s 8 Phases & How To Make Them Work For You

I think that all of us have a little Selenophile in us, we all love the moon! There is something about the night that just jives with me, I love the darkness. The night soothes my soul. She smoothes my faults, and holds no judgements. She has heard so many of my secrets, so many... Continue Reading →

Quick Tips For Grounding When Triggered (or anytime you need to calm yourself down)

Holy shit balls, I have had some intense scheduling happening for the last month or so! If you have read any of my mental health blogs you have probably gathered that I am not a people-y type person. Odd for someone who works with the public, right? πŸ˜‚ Anyhow, I have found myself overly stimulated... Continue Reading →

Seven Quick Tips For All Skin Types

With social media platforms these days, there has been a huge flood of insane skin care tips. From baking soda to Elmer's Glue, the DIY tips and tricks have gotten out of control. Don't ever do baking soda or Elmer's Glue on your face. EVERRRRR...Or lemon juice πŸ‹ First- You wanna make sure you are... Continue Reading →

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