Full Moon In Pisces: Check Your Baggage

Guys, we have had a whopping SEVEN different planetary retrogrades! Yeah, I know. We have all been feeling like we are pulled in a million different directions, and I think I can shine some insight.

We tend to go through life accumulating loose ends, unfinished business, unspoken truths, you get the idea.

Retrograde literally means backwards, so we tend to think back. This time around I kind of got shit off my chest. If you hurt me or pissed me off, I probably told you exactly how I felt. I have been feeling like I had a few people in my life who made me feel belittled or simply uncomfortable. I was sick of carrying that baggage around. There is no reason I can’t express my feelings, and I am not sure why I ever feel like I can’t.


Anyhow, you have an idea now about what I mean, its a retrospective vibe and if you have a lot of unchecked baggage, you may have been feeling completely crazy. Yeah, I am talking to those of you who have messaged me saying “WTF”!

This is also a time to make sure you are where you want to be and doing what you need to be doing. Taking a personal inventory is absolutely necessary! Do you have people you need to set boundaries with like I did? Do you have fears you need to let go of so you can grow? I know I did! I have been working hard this month doing all of this and it was all preparing for the next move.

Relationships during this time are going to be tested but as long as you honor your truths, you have nothing to fear. The moon being in Pisces is going to have us all a little emotional….ok a lot emotional. I am a Pisces and I can tell you I am FEELIN IT! Be mindful of these emotions, the things that come forward in this time more than likely need extra attention from you.

Be honest with yourself and dig deep. Let this emotionally high time work for you, harness it into something positive. Pisces love arts, creating and transforming things. This can be a major chance to grow into the better version of you, you have been fighting with to let go of your unchecked baggage.

If you have goals that include your personal relationships, now is the time to set them. Have you been thinking you need more date nights? Maybe you feel like you’re not getting enough quality time at home with your kiddos? Are your friendships feeling like they’re running on fumes? Maybe its your relationship with your higher power, or even just yourself. Set goals and boundaries now and watch your relationships transform into healthy, happy idealistic relationships.

This full moon lands right at the end of summer. August’s full moon always brings the opportunity to reflect on your summer, your choices, your situations. Do you want to go into fall worrying about the same things? Do you have cords you should be cutting? Check your baggage and allow yourself to move onto the better, improved version of you.

More info on Cord cutting-edge

Full Moon Release Blog coming soon




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