Cutting The Cord- Setting Yourself Free

I talk about cord cutting A LOT! I try to get everyone to do it because it doesn’t require any tools and can be done anywhere, anytime! For things that take a little more work, you can totally make this a whole ritual and use tools. I will go into a more extensive ritual in another blog. For now, let’s keep it simple!

Everyone has heard the expression “cut the cord”. Most people immediately think about an umbilical cord, and rightfully so. Everyone we come into contact with, will have some kind of connection with us, a cord connecting to us so to speak. We make emotional and physical connections with, I really think, most everyone we meet. I don’t necessarily mean the girl you brushed against in Walmart, but maybe! Was there a look? A connection? A spark? Is their energy lingering?

But what exactly is cord cutting and why do I need to include it in my self-help journey?

Cord cutting is the act of severing a connection to another being for your own self-preservation.

I visualize a cord (much like an umbilical cord) coming out of my Solar Plexus (abdominal area) and connecting to the person I am trying to cut out of my life. I visualize a massive pair of gardening shears and sever the cord. If it’s an intense connection I will chop the shit out of it until I can see all the pieces of it floating away.

This can be an amazing tool to learn, because let’s face it, we all have things we want to get rid of. I mainly use this for people but have also visualized cutting the cord with emotions.

I’ve been through some rough shit in my life and I have a really hard time letting go.

I think most people can say they have been through something that feels impossible to let go of. Being an empath makes life a little more difficult. I find myself absorbing emotions that aren’t even mine!

I have been currently trying to let go of a sexual assault that has somewhat controlled my life for twenty years. I see him around town a lot so this is one I have to work on continuously. I don’t know, maybe one day it will be totally released and I won’t think twice about seeing his creepy face around town. This is a perfect example of a cord I cut up, a lot.

When do I know I need to practice cord cutting?

I get very emotionally backed up. Every little thing starts to get to me and I can’t control my outbursts. I cannot be held responsible for the things I say when I need some me time lol! When I start to feel like this I try to dig deep to the actual causes of my emotional distress. I make a list, and tick off each one as I visualize and cut the cord.

When you first start out cutting cords it might be easiest if you start with toxic people.

Visualize them, the cord, the shears and get to work chopping shit up!

As pieces of the cord start flying imagine all the emotions they stir up in you going with them.

To finish the ritual I like to smudge myself, my house and finish up with meditation, a bath or a grounding ritual. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that your work is done when you stop the actual cord cutting. Following with a ritual that brings your energy back down to earth is key. If you stay in the high emotional state that cord cutting stirs up, you will leave the situation unresolved. Programming a crystal to help keep your emotions level for the following days is really helpful for me. I carry them in my bra so anytime I feel my emotions rising up, I focus my energy on that programmed crystal and let it take them away. You will need to cleanse, charge and reprogram this crystal before using it for anything else.

Love & light



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