How To: Care For Your Crystals

So you have caught the crystal bug and now you have no idea what to do with them? I’ve been there!

Crystals have so many different uses that I could go on and on and on and on and well you get it….

But today I would like to talk to you about how to care for your crystals so that they are working at their optimal energy frequency for your work.

Basically it all comes down to a few key practices-






Cleansing can be done in multiple ways, and for most crystals it comes down to personal preference.

Smudging your crystals will clear their energy and then you can smudge yourself! There’s never enough smudging going on in this world.

☽ Burying them overnight- make sure to mark your spot or put it somewhere memorable. You don’t want to lose all your work or your crystals.

☽ Hold them under running water. Make sure that they can get wet! Some crystals dont like the water. The running water can be anything from a creek, the ocean, your tap…

Covering them with salt- depending on how many crystals you are working with, this can be a pain. But if you’re only working with a few, place them in a bowl and pour salt over them. Table salt will do but Epsom salt or Himalayan salt would be better, even black salt depending on your intentions.

Candle Flame ( I don’t prefer this method for obvious reasons, unless I feel like it can be beneficial to the work I am doing.) Find an appropriate tool to assist you in this cleansing act, and be sure you’re not letting the stone sit in the flame too long. A quick run through the flame is enough.

Salt Water- Again, make sure your crystals can get wet. Simply submerge them in the water.

☽ Druzy Quartz- Running a druzy over your crystals will clear the energy.

There are more ways to cleanse them, it is really about your intention to clear them. After some practice, if you decide that something else works best for you, that is totally up to you! The more customized you make your rituals, the stronger your intention will be.

The length of time on most of these methods is also by your intuition. Unless you’re burying them overnight, let your instincts guide you as to how long you let them cleanse.

How do I know when I need to cleanse my crystals?

When you buy a new crystal you should always cleanse it, unless you had it programmed for you. After that, it is 100% about your intuition.

For instance:

Let’s say you have been working with an Amethyst to help with your anxiety. Amethyst brings peace, so it’s a great stone for soothing nerves. I actually use it quite often, I toss a tumbled piece in my bra a few times a week. But I can tell when it has ‘dulled’. That’s kind of the way I think about it. When it’s freshly cleansed, charged, and programmed, I can just think about it being in my bra and feel relief, I can feel the energy bursting out of it. But, after using it a while I can feel that beam dimming, and I feel like the energy has dulled. When I feel it helping me less, I cleanse it, charge it, program it, and use it!

How do I charge my crystals?

☽ Putting them out under the full moon

☽ Solar (under the sun) charging is great for some crystals, but not recommended for all crystals. For instance, putting a Rose Quartz out in the sun will dull its color.

☽ Reiki

☽ Running water

☽ Amethyst or Quartz clusters

My favorite way is under the full moon 🌕 after I do my releases. I then set my crystals out with full intentions to help me with what I released.

How do I program my crystals?

Programming your crystals is really just sitting with your crystal and setting your intentions. Referring back to Amethyst for anxiety, I sit with them and visualize myself as calm and grounded. I focus on deep breaths, clear mind, and organized thoughts. Once I feel connected with my crystal I know I am done.

Sometimes programming takes me two seconds and sometimes I will start over with another crystal because I just can’t connect.


How do I use my crystals?

I don’t ever have pockets so I carry them in my bra. Jewelry is always a great idea if you have a certain crystal you like to have on you daily. I also have them all through my house, protective crystals by my doors, calming ones by my bed.

We use crystals for just about everything. I let Claire pick out crystals to put in her backpack and she often picks Sodalite, which is great for retaining knowledge. She picks it without any prompting from me, she’s super intuitive with crystals and always has been.

Grids are also a lot of fun and very powerful for when you are doing any healing or manifestation work.

From my last post you know I love elixirs!

Click here for more info on gem elixirs.

Don’t get frustrated if the intuition and connection with crystals doesn’t happen quickly. It can take time to learn how to quiet the mind and listen to yourself.

Check out My Top 9 Crystals for more on crystals and their uses.




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