Gem Elixirs- How To Make Them, How To Use Them & Why You Need Them

If you have ever liked or mentioned crystals in any social media post you have probably had an ad for the new fancy crystal bottles show up, and I love the way these look!


But I am very fond of my cups. I also want to be able to hand pick my crystals out of my own collection, and not all of the pre-made bottles let you do that.

Creating your own gem elixir is SO EASY! But if you are the type of person who doesn’t like the process of picking your crystals and charging them, you may want to go ahead and get a bottle like the one above.

Choosing Your Gems

I like to take mental inventory of what I need at that time. I always keep a few things in mind-

Anxiety- I love to use amethyst for anxiety. It represents peace, calmness, stability, protection (so I cover more than one target with this one), spiritual growth, positive sleep patterns and more.

Focus- I use fluorite and citrine a lot for this one. I prefer citrine because its orange color also helps you activate your sacral chakra, which is where your creative flow comes from.

Protection- Even though amethyst would cover me here, black tourmaline is my favorite for protection. I also like to use aventurine because it is specific for warding off other people’s negativity, that’s huge for an empath. Aventurine is also green, which would double for prosperity.

Prosperity-Aventurine, tiger’s eye and pyrite are my go to stones for prosperity. I would go for citrine if I need new business ideas because as I mentioned it’s great for creativity.

Taking all of those into consideration usually keeps me covered. You can also delve deeper into your physical well-being by choosing crystals that are good for your lungs when you are sick, for migraines, for your skin, the list goes on and on!  

If I am stuck on what crystal to use for one of my targets, I hit up Pinterest. If you don’t follow me already, go follow my A Stone’s Throw board. I have tons of stuff pinned about all kinds of crystals and their benefits.

Now you have your crystals chosen, what do you do?

You are basically charging your water with the crystal energy. You want to make sure that your crystals are cleansed and charged. There are many ways to cleanse & charge your crystals.

My routine-


Set my intentions

Put under the full moon

When I am making gem elixirs I like to use a little moon water in each glass I make.

Learn how to make moon water here

My preferences broken down-

I like to make my crystal elixirs with some moon water.

I prefer to charge up a big batch in a jar like this  with my crystals inside of the jar.

I don’t always go through a big to-do with this. Sometimes I just drop a tumbled stone in a glass and leave it overnight on my counter.

⚠️Be cautious⚠️

Not all crystals like water. If you are desperate to use one that doesn’t like water, you can put it in a smaller glass container and drop it into the water.

I prefer to use tumbles stones.

I charge my water in glass containers.

Keep it simple

If you make it too extra you’re not going to want to make any elixirs. Make it easy on yourself and enjoy the process.

Love & light




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