Moon Water & Its Benefits

Moon water is a great thing to have on hand for anyone who uses crystals and any other woo woo tools. It can be used to cleanse crystals, added to baths, to make teas and a lot more.Β 

Making Moon Water

Making moon water is super easy! A lot of people like to use distilled water because it will last longer than river, creek, lake, ocean…you get it….water. But depending on what you are trying to do, getting water from the creek might be better than tap water. Some of my favorite moon water to date was some I made with water from the water crossing right by my cabin, that I charged under a super moon. I used it to cleanse all my crystals, which I did the next day, and got my crystals under the full moon that next night. Remember there is a three day grace period most people follow. So, three days before the fullest percentage, the day of, and three days after. You can basically work the whole week of the full moon.Β 

I prefer to use glass containers, but you can use whatever you want. I would suggest you at least use something clear. Some people say they refuse to use plastic for this, but I know a lot of people who will set a whole case of water out and drink one bottle each day. You can also add some cleansed crystals into your container at this point, if you’d like.Β With most things woo, you can do whatever feels best for you.

Put your container(s) out at dusk and let them stay out overnight, retrieving them as soon as you can the next morning. I often like to surround my container with my at-the-moment-favorite crystals.

The moon is such a powerful presence and by charging your water under the moon, you are harnessing some of its power, at its most powerful phase.

If you are using creek, ocean, river etc water please do not ingest it! This type of moon water is only to be used to protect your home, cleanse crystals, if its clean enough; in a bath, or for anointing. I am sure I am missing some other uses and if you have some I haven’t mentioned, please drop a comment! I always love learning new ways to incorporate moon water into my daily life.

Love & Light






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