New Moon Manifestations

Syncing ourselves with the moon’s cycles helps us tune into the universe and our intuition & subconscious. The New Moon brings us the opportunity to look within and work with the universe to manifest the things we desire.

How to use manifesting to your benefit

Manifesting has a lot of gray areas and can be really overwhelming when you first start. But you can literally manifest ANYTHING!

Need a vacation? Manifest it!

Need a promotion? Manifest it!

Want a new car? Manifest it!

The key to manifesting is seeing and believing that you can have the things you want. It’s knowing you deserve it.

A lot of people try to keep their manifestations to things they need-

Money for medical bills

A raise so they don’t lose their house

A reliable car so they can get a better job

These things sound a lot more responsible than a vacation fund, right?

Manifestations don’t have to be responsible!

The sky is the limit, no pun intended….

My favorite way to manifest is….

I have been working with the moon for many years and I have found that some manifestations just don’t happen. For a long time I just assumed it was because it just wasn’t meant to be or that I was asking for too much. What I have learned is that is not the case at all!

But you have to listen….

Money is one of the most common manifestations…money, love & success. 

So, if you are trying to manifest some cold hard cash, for whatever reason, you need to be willing to work for that money! When the universe drops an opportunity in your lap to make some extra cash, don’t ignore it.

Let’s say you are trying to save up some money for a little trip. Boss man asks if you can work Saturday, and you had plans. You have to prioritize, do you want that trip cash or do you want to go out for the same ole Saturday night shit? You want that trip, right?

Sometimes the way the universe presents opportunity, isn’t always easy to see or to take advantage of.

With every new moon we have another chance to put our manifestations out into the universe.

We need to think about our manifestations all through the moon cycles, don’t let them fall through the cracks! Your thought power plays a very big role in this!

But if you want to harness the energy at its peak, do your manifesting under the new moon.

Take inventory of your life.

How are your relationships?

How is your money flow?

Are you comfortable?

Are you happy?

Are you successful?

What areas in your life need some TLC?

Some people like to utilize a dream board, some like to write theirs down and keep it in a sacred place. I know a lot of people who like to put theirs on their home screen so they see them all day everyday- which I think is genius! The more thought and energy you put into your manifestations, the better!

I have a nice wooden box I like to put mine in. Ideally I would check in at the end of every year and see where I could’ve worked harder. But, I forget to write them down, or I get impatient and look after just a month or so. The intention is there but I strongly lack in self-accountability lol!

There is no wrong way to do new moon manifestations!

You can tweak this however you want to. When I first started working with the moon I was determined to follow what I had gathered in books, without putting my own flare into it. (This was long before the internet was such a hit. I had to use what I could find in my teeny tiny town’s library. The librarian probably thought I was a Satanist.)

What I have found along the way is that I do my best work when it’s my work, when I put me into it. Don’t be afraid to put your own spin on any moon work.

Mystic Beauty & Beyond’s New Moon Ritual

💫Smudge yourself & your home

💫Take a bath with some of your favorite products (I love to put herbs, crystals, oils, all kinds of witchy things in my new moon baths)

💫While enjoying the silence in your bath take some time to reflect and let your intuition guide you to a place where you can see the things you wish to manifest. 

💫After your bath, take some time to sit with your thoughts and some paper. If you havent been able to clear your head by now, practice some brain dump journaling.

💫Write out your manifestations- be specific! If you need $673.42 say you need $673.42! 

💫Stand under the moon and ask for her assistance in your manifestations. (If it’s cold out, just look at the moon through your window.)

💫Keep your eyes peeled for ANYTHING that can help you reach your goal! No act is too small. If you pass on a bunch of little opportunities, you may not be presented with many to follow.

💫Be grateful! If you only earned $336.71 in 30 days, be optimistic and appreciate that you made it halfway to your goal in one moon cycle. Not all manifestations are quick. Don’t lose sight of your goals, from minor setbacks.

Timing is everything. Tune in. 




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