How To: Skin Care During & After Puberty

Poor kids, puberty is the worst thing ever. It’s so embarrassing and awkward. They’re constantly worried about how they look and what the opposite sex thinks about them. When they get acne, it is really hard on them! I can’t tell you how many teenagers have come in my treatment room looking completely hopeless.

I have a lot of parents who are just at their wits end, they buy all the things and then the kids won’t be consistent using them. Their kids won’t listen to them.

How the **** do you get a teenager to listen? I am sure you have told them a million times “WASH YOU FACE!” and they rarely listen.

They listen to me. When I start working on them I go through a bunch of questions and when I get to the part about how often they use their cleansers and moisturizers, they always lie. I don’t call them out on it until I go in for the kill….extractions. When I see them squirming while I am extracting I tell them- it shouldn’t be this bad if you’re REALLY using your products. Every time they come back to see me, it gets better and better. They start getting better at their routine because they don’t want to go through extractions.

I am a very gentle extractor, so don’t get it twisted lol! Kids are just wimps when it comes to this kind of stuff….really.

I do have some who say I am really gentle because their moms, yes YOU, are extracting their breakouts at home with a lot of pressure.


So, what do you do?

I highly recommend getting them into see an esthetician or an online consult with me, first! Even if we just get the basic info- are they dry? Oily? Combo?

You also need to make sure they are using the proper products.


Our skin is our largest organ, don’t put all that crap on your skin. It really is unnecessary!

There are so many different types of acne and all of them should be treated differently.


This is why people get so frustrated with ‘acne’ products. Most of them are made just for super oily skin, so they dry people out, which makes them breakout for other reasons.

You will want to consider things that could be triggering the acne-

Birth Control


Sports- A lot of teenage clients have acne from sports gear. Making sure chin straps, sweat bands and other items like this are cleaned between every wear is really important. I have fixed breakouts with the most simple solutions like cleaning chin straps. 

Hormones- If the breakouts are due to hormones tiny tweaks to the routine can be super helpful!

I have had great luck with LimeLife and have seen marked results in just a couple weeks with a number of teenagers, who had extreme acne- cysts, blackheads, whiteheads, the whole nine. The Mask Of Zen is a force to be reckoned with! They also carry a men’s line, which I have noticed seems to help some of my younger male clients give in and commit to a routine…PS the cleanser is a great exfoliator for oily skin types. It’s super affordable, cheaper than what most parents were paying for other systems. It’s natural, and simple. I have a lot of clients who share their skin care with their teenagers because the products are so flexible.

IMG_5451 3


Some things to keep in mind, besides product and routine-

🖤 Be sure they’re not reusing wash cloths. They harbor SO much bacteria!

🖤 Try to get them to cut back on soda and replace it with water. Sugar is acne’s BFF.

🖤Change their pillowcases out weekly…or more often if they’re really oily.

🖤If *IF* they have a breakout that is ready to extract, use a hot compress and a good clay mask. Repeat this a couple times if needed. Soften up the breakout as much as you can to minimize the risk of scarring. Especially with cystic acne!!!

Routine Tips-

🖤Exfoliate! Cleansing and moisturizing (and toning if your products aren’t Ph balanced) are key but so is exfoliating! They should be doing this 2-3x a week

🖤Masks: they are sooooo important in healing acne. Find a good one and love it hard! Find one that won’t dehydrate your skin. Full face mask 1-2x a week and spot treat as needed.

🖤SUNSCREEN!!! Especially if they are using anything with chemicals in it (like stuff from the doc, and basically any “acne product” be sure they are wearing sunscreen! About 20 minutes of unprotected time in the sun is ok, but those products will make their skin a lot more sensitive!


Honestly, it can be really hard to get them to do the right things for their skin. They get so frustrated and feel like nothing is going to work. Chances are you have been through a few different products that have made it worse. You are probably getting just as frustrated as they are because you feel like you are wasting money because nothing is working. Not to mention how defeated and concerned most moms look when they bring their kids in to see me.

What you do right now with their skin will set the tone for the rest of their lives. Don’t play a guessing game.

It is a really frustrating situation that isn’t going to be fixed overnight. It didn’t happen overnight and it will take some time to get it to settle down. But with the right products, and some help from me, or another pro, you will be able to find some relief!




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