The Moon, It’s 8 Phases & How To Make Them Work For You

I think that all of us have a little Selenophile in us, we all love the moon!

There is something about the night that just jives with me, I love the darkness.

The night soothes my soul.

She smoothes my faults, and holds no judgements.

She has heard so many of my secrets, so many cries.

There’s a quiet hope in the night, a promise the sun will rise and you can try again.


Notice how I call the moon she? The moon is feminine where the sun is masculine. Each planet has a feminine or masculine dominance/energy. According to the kabbalistic thoughts, the moon reflects light, giving it and this is considered a feminine trait.

So many people have asked me to teach them how to do moon work, and to be totally candid, I kind of just taught myself. It’s not about knowing, it’s about feeling.

Each moon phase represents something different, and if you want to delve deeper into this, you may want to learn about the other planetary movements, and astrology. Where the moon is astrology wise, can be infinitely helpful. We will start with the basics…

The moon goes through eight phases-

🌑 New Moon

🌒Waxing Crescent Moon

🌓First Quarter Moon

🌔Waxing Gibbous Moon

🌕Full Moon

🌖Waning Gibbous Moon

🌗Last Quarter Moon

🌘Waning Crescent Moon

Each of these phases has special meanings and will provide you the perfect energy for certain releases, manifestations and energy work or healing that you are working on. The full and new moons are the most commonly worked with but there is so much more to consider.

New Moon is the best time to do manifestations. This is when the moon starts growing again or waxing it’s the perfect time to focus on the things you want more of in life. You need more income because you’re drowning in medical debt (real life right here, folks) maybe you make a gris gris bag under the new moon with the intention of filling it with extra income. It works, I got $1k extra in less than eight weeks time a couple years ago. It was insane, I had so many spa clients booking, tarot readings scheduled, my paint nights were totally booked with long wait lists. The universe will provide you with opportunities to help with your manifesting, but you have to be listening. The new moon is also a great time to start a new project, a new relationship and to really tap into your optimistic side. When you allow that optimism in, what do you see yourself doing? Dream big and don’t let any pessimism into your destiny.


Waxing Crescent Moon gives us the opportunity to really focus on our intentions that we set with the new moonMake a plan- work in your planner, your white board-whatever you do that helps you keep motivated and focused. Where in the new moon you allowed yourself to get really head-in-the-clouds dreamy, dial it back a bit and ask yourself what needs to be prioritized. Keep sending out all those optimistic manifestation vibes! Don’t lose sight of the big dreams, but be mindful of what tasks need to have your attention in order to get to your big dreams.

First Quarter Moon is the time to take action! You have a plan, now is the time to make a to-do list and commit! You have taken an honest look at what needs to be done, so do it! You need to muster up the courage to get real with yourself and come up with an approach that will be realistic for yourself. You don’t want to be overreaching for things, but don’t settle into your comfort zone and expect miracles to happen, either. One of my favorite things about working with the moon is her cycle. I will be back around before I know it, so I like to keep long-term and short-term goals, working my way through lists and plans. Everything I do is working toward my BIG GOAL, even the smallest of thing. I keep myself in check, in reality, but in my mind I see myself where I want to be numerous times a day. Visualizing your goals and dreams is a very valid part of manifesting, it also promotes positive self-talk.


Waxing Gibbous attention. What’s going really well? What could use some more work? Is there something that maybe needs to be nixed completely? Listen to what the universe is saying to you about things. Does it seem like there are a few things that have come really easily all of the sudden? If so, water that little seed as much as you can. If it feels like something is catastrophic, it may be a good idea to explore the idea of letting it go, timing is everything, after all. Just because it isn’t time now, doesn’t mean it isn’t meant to be period. Our authentic self will allow lead us in the right direction, be willing to adjust your sails.

Full Moon is the best time to do releases. Anything that no longer serves you should be released. Sometimes, ok a lot of the time, I release the same shit every single cycle; anxiety, mania, lack of patience…the list goes on. Every cycle I accrue more and more baggage, it’s inevitable in this life, and I release that shit, too! Harvest your intentions, honor your efforts and take pride in your work. The full moon is the peak of the cycle and we all feel it, harness that energy!

☽The full moon is a great time to get your crystals out to charge.

☽Moon water is also set out to charge during the full moon. I like to set mine out in a mason jar. Moon water has so many uses!


Waning Gibbous Moon offers us time to look inside ourselves and check in. Does working towards the goals you set out for yourself feel right? When the moon starts to shrink we can fall into slumps, try to avoid the comedown from the full moon by focusing on being grateful for your successes. Reflect back on your work and take some personal inventory, and don’t be hard on yourself if things aren’t going as quickly or as smoothly as you hoped. Remember, timing.

Third Quarter Moon is also a really good time to release. Let go of habits and thought patterns that hold you back or bring your energy down. Where the full moon release is more broad, take this time to focus on your emotions and how you treat yourself. How we talk to ourselves is really powerful. We can be our biggest cheerleader or our cruelest hater. Pay attention to your internal dialogue and how it makes you feel.

Waning Crescent Moon– time to surrender and rest. Self-care is the most important thing you can do for yourself, your family, your goals, dreams and manifestations. You aren’t going to do your best work through each phase without taking time for yourself to relax. This is a really important time, more important than most give it credit for. When you are relaxed and at peace, you are able to gain a better perspective about what’s going on inside you and around you. Take pride enough in your work to give yourself a break.

There are so many ways to harness the energy of the moon and her magic. There is no right or wrong way to approach moon work, listen to your heart and your authentic self. Push yourself through the uncomfortable moments, work hard and then rest. Let the cycle go through the motions and sync yourself with the moon and her ebb & flow.




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