Quick Tips For Grounding When Triggered (or anytime you need to calm yourself down)

Holy shit balls, I have had some intense scheduling happening for the last month or so! If you have read any of my mental health blogs you have probably gathered that I am not a people-y type person. Odd for someone who works with the public, right? 😂

Anyhow, I have found myself overly stimulated and extremely exhausted, ungrounded and so tense and anxious I have broken down in tears at the grocery store because the panic was so intense.

Deep breathing in the chip and snack isle is not on anyone’s to-do list.

I am by no means balanced, grounded and centered all the time, hell I’m lucky to get that way when I really, really try. But I have found that having a couple tricks up my sleeve definitely helps me at least get to my car before I fall apart.


◼️I really like to ground myself by stretching! I need to get off my ass and start doing yoga again. It really does help! But, if you are like me and refuse to take time for yourself for an actual session of yoga, try some quick stretching. I love forward bending to open up my spine and then backwards to open up my chest. I prefer to do this before I do deep breathing, when I’m not around people lol! But, if you’re around me enough you will probably start to notice me stretching my arm or rubbing my shoulder.

◼️The quickest way for me to regain my stature is deep breathing. But, let’s be honest, if someone had come down the chip isle at the wrong time they would have thought I was in labor. Deep breathing isn’t always the most incognito way to calm down if it’s really bad. I get the he he whooooo kind of deep breathing going LMAO! But most people feel better just by taking a deep breath in through your nose, pausing and out through your mouth. Do this 5-10x and you should feel at least a little better.

◼️Get planted…so to speak. Imagine your feet growing roots and pushing through the floor, into the earth and going deep, deep, down into Mother Earth, absorbing all her healing energy and knowing you can sway with the wind, instead of fight it.

◼️Put your legs up the wall…. Seriously. laying on your back and putting your legs up, resting them on the wall is good for your heart and your mind.

◼️Get outside and put your bare feet in the grass or dirt, works like a charm!

◼️Two words- SALT. LAMP. or SELENITE. LAMP. Just get a crystal lamp and love it.

◼️The best thing for me to do in a crowded room is remind myself that it can’t last forever, that no one else knows how crazy I feel, and that as long as I keep breathing, it will pass.

◼️Brain dump journal….or anything creative, really. If you know that you have a month coming up that is jam packed with events, take time to prepare yourself for what’s to come. I took a pottery class and did a ceramics pain and sip night before my hell month and it was so good for my soul…and my Sacral Chakra thanked me!

It’s not easy to bring yourself down from a panic attack, or even just feeling high strung because of extra stress. Finding the best solution for you and getting in the habit of making it your go-to remedy will be key! You can’t say, “oh well planting worked well the other day, I guess but I am not doing that now, this is too bad.” Keep doing it, you will form a habit and before you know it you will start doing it subconsciously.

I also keep crystals and oils on me at all times. I am currently carrying “Spray The Bitch Away” and it works. Like legit works! I highly recommend checking out Frankie & Myrrh and getting some for yourself if you have anxiety that presents as anger.

My favorite crystals for anxiety are Sodalite and Amethyst.

My favorite oils for anxiety are Bergamot and Cedarwood.





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