Full Pink Moon In Scorpio

The full {pink} moon in April, is always full of excitement. We are beginning to feel the warmth of Spring and getting the Summer itch. People are starting to feel alive again and are eager to get outside again.

Its a great time to put faith in your future and the excitement about upcoming abundance in your life. Spring triggers something in us that makes us want to start new projects, and not just out in the yard. Its time to put yourself to work to make things happen, and trust that your efforts will pay off. April is the perfect time to nourish your spirit by releasing what holds you down. After all, Spring is about new beginnings in nature. Syncing yourself with the seasons not only helps to keep you grounded and connected to Mother Earth, but it allows you to harness that energy to enhance your intentions. Mother Earth has her reasons behind the seasons and we should tune in and listen.

This full moon happens to be right before Beltane, which is the celebration that marks the halfway mark between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. We taste that hint of summer…listen to what is hinting to you, to your soul. Take note of this transition and reflect on where you stand with your path. Are you in need of transformation, too? I believe we all are.

The full moon in Scorpio puts this energetic excitement to your emotions and brings out your passions. Capricorn energy coupled with the Scorpio energy will help you become more focused with your intentions. Scorpio is a fiery, intense energy where Capricorn can be very goal-oriented and practical. These energies combining can bring you some very determined energy to start and finish projects. Harness the passion in productive ways, and keep your emotions in check. If you have issues that are going on in your life that are making you harbor negative emotions and energy, take a methodical approach to solving these issues.

With every full moon we are presented the perfect opportunity to release. Releases can be anything that isn’t supporting your authentic-self. If you have hit impasses in relationships, compromise and move on, or simply move on.  It can be very hard and emotional to get honest with yourself about where you stand with yourself and the people in your life. Be rational, I cannot stress that enough. Scorpio energy can easily turn dark and vengeful. Feeling slighted in the smallest way may be working you up a lot more than usual right now. Bring yourself back down to Earth, and breathe through it so you can be level-headed while working through these relationships and emotions.

There is nothing better than basking in the glow of accomplishment and pride. Pave the path for you to always feel that!



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