{Grounding} Moon Releases & ((Manifestations)) #selfishin2k18

I talk a lot about a few key concepts- grounding, manifesting, new moon manifestations and full moon releases. Before I start my self-care event I wanted to go over some of these things a little deeper, so they can be incorporated into the event, for those who wish to do so. If you would like too participate in the event more in depth than reading about it here, you can join my Mystic Beauty group on FB.

Grounding is giving yourself a time-out to quiet your mind and recenter yourself. Plant your feet, stretch your roots, and take a long deep breath. My favorite way to ground is earthing. Earthing is the practice of connecting your bare skin to the ground. I love going barefoot. You can also just take a pause, a deep breath and visualize your feet firmly planted and rooting to the earth, deep into the earth. Its about becoming recentered, whatever gets you there is just fine. There are no rules or black and white guidelines that you have to follow.


Grounding Benefits

Improves mood

Improves quality of sleep

Reduces pain

Reduces stress

Improves immunity

Some crystals help with grounding and are great for quick grounding on the go-


Smoky Quartz

Black Tourmaline


Red Jasper

Apache Tears

The list of grounding crystals goes on and on. If you want to learn more about other grounding crystals, Pinterest is a great source!


Now, lets talk manifesting. It can be a tricky subject to teach someone because when you say- its all about thinking about what you want, focusing on it, and living as if it were happening or just about to. Sounds a little woo woo ( witchy, new age, whatever you wanna call it) to a lot of people. While it is very much about focusing on your goals, and living life like the movie & book The Secret tells us to, there is a bit more to it than that. It takes some practice, and you have to remember to remain mindful of your manifestations and keep your eyes and mind open to opportunities that will bring you closer to your goal. No matter what I am manifesting I find affirmations to be very impactful, and actually necessary for me.


A new moon manifestation ritual is time you take during the new moon phase to do your manifestations. The reasoning behind this is, that it is time for the moon to grow from 0% to 100% and your manifestations are going to grow along with the moon. Every night the moon’s growth is a reminder of our own personal growth, to say your affirmations, go through your manifestations, and just sit with them for a moment. You can manifest anytime, anywhere, anyway, but I love to do my work with the moon. Vision boards have become a very popular way to manifest that allows you to get creative with your manifestations.


The full moon ignites something in everyone, even if they’re not someone who follows the moon cycles. The full moon is preparing to shrink down and that is why it’s the perfect opportunity to release the things that no longer serve you. Don’t get caught up in overthinking with this one, anything that is irritating you, hurting you, holding you back…let it all go! I like to write them out and burn them. You can do it however you would like to. Again, no rules. Just listen to yourself, trust your instincts. It can be anything, a reaction you have to someone, anxiety, worry, guilt, frustration- anything that has a negative impact on your life, anything that doesn’t serve you in a positive way.



I make a whole thing out of my moon rituals. I like to have a bath with a glass of wine, herbs, crystals, a bath bomb and some chill music. I also like to do a whole pampering session because I feel like whenever I am releasing or manifesting, that I am putting energy into changing my life for the better. I feel my best after a good facial, bath & sometimes a ride in the mountains or some art. I indulge my desires, fill my cup.

I hope to have a group of women who want to participate in helping themselves, and cheering on their fellow sisters. See, we are all sisters and the time for competition is over. It is time to rise above that, go back to the ‘it takes a village’ mentality and actually fucking act like a village. I got a message today from a friend saying my daughter had run off to the park, again. Without asking, again. We don’t live far from the park and between the park and my house is her friend’s house. I agreed to let her walk down a couple houses to see if he could play. Well, the little shit took it upon herself to take a mile when I gave an inch, in true child fashion. But, my village had my back. Instead of judging me she took time to relate and say that she wouldn’t allow her kid there alone either, that I wasn’t being a helicopter mom because I wont let her go around the neighborhood alone, and even offered to drop her off on her way home. Sisterhood.

Please, feel free to join us or follow along by yourself from my blog, Facebook, or Instagram, but I would love for you to join us in Mystic Beauty to connect with others who are doing the same self-care challenge. Looking forward to connecting with you.



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