One Pimple Doesn’t Mean You Have Acne

Seems like every time I have a trip planned, or a big event I have to go to, I get a big ole zit. Normally my skin is pretty clear. I get little bumps, milia, that flare up every once in a while, but for the most part my skin is smooth.

This blog is for those of you who only get a big breakout during your period or under stress, or every couple of months- and be honest with yourself! Don’t be dramatic; I have more people message me saying that they want whatever treatment is best for acne. I get them on my table and their skin is clear for the most part. I bet for every ten people who claim to be acne skin type, one or two really have acne. The rest of them have random breakouts due to different things. PS- everyone has blackheads on their nose, unless you can see them while standing two feet from your mirror, yours aren’t that bad. Blackheads generally do not mean acne prone skin and you don’t have oily skin just because you have blackheads.

We freak the hell out. What is this mountain of bullshit on my face? Oh my god, I have ACNE!

NO, stop yourself. Stop freaking out. Put down the benzoyl peroxide products and the rest of the harsh acne targeted products. Honestly, even people who have legitimate acne don’t really need these ingredients in their products, so someone who breaks out sporadically really doesn’t need it! I’m talking about Pro-Active, I’m talking about those products chock-full of benzoyl peroxide, acids and alcohol.

Don’t get defensive and think I’m minimizing your horrible, zit riddled situation, I am definitely not. I hate random breakouts just as much as you do. I’m simply saying that you don’t need to go crazy and buy a bunch of expensive (or not-so-expensive) products that target acne prone skin. Don’t overhaul your arsenal without thinking it through and even reaching out to a pro for help.

So, what should you do?

Firstly, I need you to be patient. These zits don’t happen overnight (even though it seems like it) and chances are, its not going to go away overnight. But nighttime is premo time to treat the nasty trespasser. Mask of Zen the hell out of it….while you sleep! One thing I really love about Mask of Zen is that I can use it A LOT without it drying out the skin around the breakout(s) and if it isn’t a really bad one, you may wake up to it being mostly gone! If you are someone who wears makeup you know that the dry, flaky skin around the breakout can be worse to cover than the breakout itself. Sometimes we get lucky and it doesn’t take long to treat them. But sometimes they wanna stay for like a week…and sometimes even longer.

I want you to think about the last big, red trespasser who came along. Chances are you squeezed it to death, even when it wasn’t ready, even if nothing came out…you probably thought you just needed to use more pressure. Hopefully you at least washed your hands first, better yet I hope you used some tissues or Q-tips to do this.

Stop popping your pimples. Ya know, even though this big bastard on my face has gotten a white head on it, I have not put any pressure on it, I have not tried extracting it at all. I woke up to it one morning so I washed my face and put all my normal products on. I use One Drop Wonder in the morning anyways, but I definitely needed it that morning. It hurt so bad, and it has been a really long time since I have had one of these, so I was devastated. One Drop Wonder is antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory, so it was a must. I didn’t put any moisturizer on the breakout after I did my boosters, I just rocked my Mask of Zen for the better part of the day because I wasn’t going anywhere….or so I thought. I ended up having to run down to the gas station for stomach flu provisions for my daughter. Yeah, I was glad that Mask of Zen dries kind of skin toned! Attempting to extract breakouts will almost always do more harm than good. You risk pushing more bacteria into your pores than you let out. You can cause scarring, and if it’s a big one- you will make it purple and angry, which is a lot harder to cover up. You will also cause more dry, dread skin around the area that will also make it harder to cover up. A zit isn’t too difficult to cover if you just stop picking at it. Think about how nasty they end up looking with the scabbing and the dead skin. Leave the extractions to pros (again, I haven’t extracted the one I have, it’s not always the best choice) and be gentle with it.

~Hot compresses

~Spot treat with Mask of Zen (or mask of your choice but keep in mind that many clay masks tend to be drying)

~Keep it clean

~Use good oils on it like lavender and frankincense, if it’s really bad, you could use diluted melaleuca with a drop or two of oregano depending on how much you are mixing; One Drop Wonder is my go to, I get the same benefits from it as I do a ton of essential oils, so it saves me money.

~Be sure you are still moisturizing it, do not attempt to dry it out with things like alcohol

~If it is itchy utilize lavender oil even more- do not scratch it

~Continue the use of moisturizer!! If you are putting a mask on it like I mentioned I did, you can put it all over your skin, minus the breakout, then add mask. Otherwise, you need your moisturizer!


~Pick at it, you know it will only make it worse

~Use rubbing alcohol on it

~Poke it with a needle

~Over exfoliate it

~Squeeze it…if it is indeed a genuine, large white head that needs to be extracted you need to use VERY minimal pressure. If you are squeezing, its not ready.

Unless you always have acne, and I mean every day you have swollen, red and purple breakouts, you don’t need acne products. Even then I have seen marked results with gentle and effective products that decrease bacteria and lower oil production, all while healing and preventing breakouts. Stop reaching for those harsh products that are full of chemicals. They’re going to dry your skin out which will in turn make you produce MORE oil. It’s a viscous cycle that people perpetuate because we have been brainwashed to think our skin needs to be crystal clear 24/7, and if it’s not, we have an acne skin type. Even the oiliest skin types can end up having stripped, dry, damaged skin when they use the harsh, drying products that are out there for acne these days.
Another thing to keep in mind is that when you use acne products it will cause your skin to purge. So, for someone who gets random breakouts, who starts using products filled with benzoyl peroxide, SLS, fragrance, and acids, you’re going to purge like crazy and end up with dry, tight, flaky skin.

So, the morals of the story are- you aren’t acneic just because you get a zit with your period, or under stress, or when you aren’t using the right products, or when you don’t wash your face every morning and night….ok, you get the picture. Second moral, stop picking your face and using harsh products!

I am available to do online consults, most days. Please don’t hesitate to send me a Facebook message, email or text. XOXO


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