Full Moon In Taurus

The full moon in Taurus brings so much love. It is extremely fitting considering what’s coming up. We have three major holidays just weeks away and they certainly bring high stress and tension. Now is the time to focus on self-love and reinforcing our relationships with those around us. Doing so now will not only ease our high strung times that are creeping up on us but will settle and soothe our souls to prepare us for the upcoming events. Even the smallest of gesture will be amplified by the Taurus moon. Fill your cup now and enjoy a little less stress this holiday season.

Make time for all things love 💕

• Self-love

• Love those around you

• Do the things you love

• Spread love to conquer hate

If you are trying to push projects forward or manifest big things, harness the stubborn Taurus energy to help you accomplish your goals.

Many transformations are taking place right now. Be sure you are honest with yourself about what you’d like to let go of. It may be painful now, but letting go of things that weigh you down or don’t jive with the path you’re forging will allow more room in your life for things that are on your level.

Psychic energies and intuition will be buzzing. If you are an empath or intuitive you may want to give a little more energy to protecting yourself.

Release that which no longer serves you to Mother Moon


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