Face Mapping

I have mentioned that our skin is our body’s largest organ in previous skin care posts and how important it is to be mindful of what you put on your skin. I am going to repeat myself- it takes less than TEN seconds for your skin to absorb the ingredients you are putting on. This doesn’t only go for your face, which is why I started making mindful body products with my Ranch Canyon Apothecary business partner. It really makes a huge difference to take a gentle approach that leans more natural. Botanical and natural ingredients are easier for our body to process.

Drinking soda and alcohol is bad for our skin, smoking cigarettes and not getting enough water show on our faces, and we know that. Sugary foods can cause acne and too much fast food will do the same.

But what about how our internal organs come through our skin?

Most of us have blamed chin acne on hormones at one point or another, but it goes so much deeper than that. Everything from our liver, kidneys and colon show on our face.

I first learned about face mapping in esthetics school at a seminar hosted by Dermalogica. When I first looked into it I was intrigued but wasn’t completely invested in the theory. As I got further into my esthetics practice, I started to think deeper about skin and how easily its balance is disrupted and how difficult it can be to bring it back to balance.

Just about everything we do can hold risk of showing on our skin. There are 14 zones if you go by Dermalogica’s map, some maps are only nine zones. Dermalogica splits the face in half so the forehead has two zones, so that accounts for some of the increased number of zones. I am going to go over the numerous zones and what irritation inside your body may show on your face.

Zone One- Forehead: This area is associated with your digestive and elimination systems. If you experience a lot of breakouts in this area you need to increase your water intake and be more mindful of your diet. If you have bangs you may want to consider growing them out or at least pinning them back more often. The oils and products from your hair may be causing this issue. Also, brushing your hair out of your eyes plays a major part here. Be sure you wash your hands frequently and be mindful of how often you are touching your face through the day.

Zone Two- Between your brows: This area is associated with your liver. If you break out in this area frequently it could be related to alcohol consumption, rich foods or food allergies. Also consider your waxing tech. If you are a frequent waxer and you don’t go to a licensed and clean tech, you will risk bacteria transfer that can cause breakouts. Something as small as the wax being too hot can be an issue. Other irritants of this area could be medications or toxins in your liver. If you break out a lot in this area but don’t drink alcohol, soda, no food allergies etc, consider doing a liver cleanse. You need to avoid late night snacks and eat lighter in general.

Zone Three- Your ears and the area immediately around them: Your ears are very sensitive to any kind of kidney irritation. You may notice that your ears are hot a lot of the time. This is an indication that you need to drink more plain water and cut down on your caffeine and alcohol intake. Another common irritant of this area is cheap earrings and often times, this is the case. Be sure to bring your facial products all the way back behind your ears, and make sure you’re removing all your hair products from behind there. Conditioner sitting inside the ear is a common irritant and super easy fix.

Zone Four- Your cheeks: Frequent break outs here are generally a sign of respiratory distress. I would like to add to this that if the breakouts are small bumps it is usually sign of allergies, smoking or asthma. If they are cystic in nature this has often been a sign that the person is drinking a lot of soda and sugary drinks. Most face mapping breakdowns won’t include that in the descriptions, but I have really noticed this a lot in my clients. This is a common area for broken capillaries that can be caused from respiratory distress but a person’s diet should really be considered here. Spicy foods will irritate broken capillaries and rosacea. Using essential oils, humidifiers, ahem my cold cream, and detoxing your lungs is a good way to start healing your cheeks. Opening your airways and healing damaged tissues in your lungs can help to heal the congestion that shows on your cheeks. Be sure you are frequently sanitizing your phone, washing your pillow cases and not resting your head on your hand.

Zone Five- Your eyes: Who hasn’t experienced those damn dark circles and puffiness at one point or another? This area also relates to your kidneys and elimination. My clients are probably more than sick of me asking about their water intake and I know when they aren’t being totally truthful. Crows feet and dark circles are a dead giveaway you don’t drink enough water. RARELY it can be due to vitamin deficiency but I can almost guarantee you will see a major difference if you boost your water intake. Double up for a week or so. Take before and after pictures and if you don’t see a difference you may need some extra help with a new eye product or a detox. Higher water intake is also going to encourage more regular elimination. Also avoid salt and caffeine.

Zone Six- Side of chin up to your ears along the jawline: this can be caused by recent dental work and ovaries and hormones in women. This is also a very common area for people to slack off. Be sure you are bringing your products under your chin and up your jawline. I often see breakouts here during change of weather and when hormones are imbalanced in men and women. Check into your birth control dosage, remove soy from your diet and cut back on dairy intake.

Zone Seven- The middle of your chin: This area relates to your colon, small intestines and your hormones. It is also an area that tends to be more oily on most people. Also, let’s say it louder for the people in the back- DRINK YOUR WATER! Water intake will dramatically improve this area if you’re not eliminating regularly. I have heard great things about colonics treatments but have never mustered the nerve to do it. Your body holds onto a lot of toxins, and this is a….choice that is invasive to say the least. I would probably recommend drinking more water instead lol! Pay attention to your diet. Are you eating food that promote regular elimination? When this is linked to your hormones you should really consider your birth control, are your cycles regular? Sometimes testosterone levels can be out of whack in males.

Zone Eight- Neck: Your adrenal system will show here and often times you will notice flushing. Use products that reduce inflammation, soothe and that are fragrance free.

Zone Nine- Your nose: You need more greens in your diet! Be sure to see a professional to help clean out your pores- it is SO hard to work on your own nose without causing damage or pushing the dirt and oil back into the pore. Clay based masks are great for this area.

Zone Ten- Directly above your brows: Your immune system may need some attention. Make sure you are getting your vitamins, rest and add Vitamin C to your routine or double up.

Zone Eleven- Your hairline: This is generally due to hygiene. Be sure to wash and condition your hair before you do your facial routine. This helps remove any reside leftover from hair products. If you use leave in products like gel, mousse, oils, etc. be sure you put those on before you use your facial product. This will cut down on the amounts that will sit on your skin all day. This area can also be irritated by improper removal of makeup.

The moral of the story is that with a balanced diet, healthy water intake and hygiene habits you are dramatically decreasing your risk of breakouts and irritation. Good products go a really long ways but can only do so much. If you are getting professional treatments, using good makeup and products but putting nothing but crap into your body and not hydrating, you won’t see the best results you could. Next time you want to drink that huge soda consider how much you already invested in your skin. If you indulge in alcohol try to drink water between your beverages and use rich products when you get home that night. Regular cleanses or detoxes are a huge help but honestly the cheapest, easiest, most beneficial thing you can do for your skin is what? Good ‘ole H20!


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