New Moon Manifestations & New Moon In Libra

manifest your dreams

The new moon is coming up on Thursday the 19th. Life is full of cycles that come full circle and we experience that through the moon as well. Even if you don’t consider yourself an avid Selenophile {a lover of the moon in all its phases} you have probably stepped outside at least a few times in your life to be entranced by the powerful energy of the moon.
Just like with the full moon we have grace periods to do our work. You have three days before and three days after a moon phase to do the correlating work. I try my hardest to do my work at 99%+ full or 0.05% or less new. The moon won’t always get to 100% full or 0% new. I have a couple of moon apps that I use to keep track of the moon percentages, Deluxe Moon is my favorite. There is a free version of this app but it doesn’t give you as much information on what to watch for during each phase, which is something I really like to have, but it isn’t necessary.
The idea is to manifest with the new moon and let your dreams grow as the moon does.
This New Moon is in Libra and one of the most dominant needs from Libras is the need to feel understood. Libras will also avoid emotional work because they hate to go through the motions of releasing them. They are so easy to relate to and they tend to really understand people. They have a deep perspective and usually see both sides of a situation. These qualities are going to be beneficial this month and give you the opportunity to see things from other points of view than your own and allow you to really understand where people are coming from. Just be mindful to not try to hide from your emotions and let them get built up. The next full moon will be in Taurus which will bring a sense of strong value to what we hold dear and we don’t want to have a bunch of unnecessary emotions to work through when we get there, if we can help it. Even though we are at a time of manifestation we still need to be mindful of holding onto things that don’t serve us positively.
This Libra New Moon is happening right after the Jupiter move into Scorpio. Jupiter expands what it touches and we are all going to feel a deep desire to find balance. The symbol for Libra is the scales. Libras strive to find balance in life. The connection between Jupiter and the New Moon in Libra will bring a time of education and some of us will find ourselves as the student and some will be the teacher. It is important to bring yourself to this position with an open mind to absorb information. If you’re unsure about your position here, that’s ok. Not every lesson learned is as apparent as one in a classroom where it has been written in big, bold letters on the chalkboard. It could be something huge or something small but the wisdom gained will be carried for life. There is always something to be learned, the lesson just isn’t always apparent. Approach this time with openness and willingness to transform yourself and the lesson will show itself.
During this time, we must remain grounded and try to be as rational as we can. There will be a heavy weight that will bring tension and if we aren’t mindful this could bring high emotional reactions, over-confidence and some of us may put on our rose-colored glasses trying to force positive outcomes. There are some contrasting aspects happening between rational planets and emotional planets and that’s where the balance comes in. We may be striving for balance and being mindful of this stressful energy but there will be plenty of people who aren’t. Try not to lose your cool when someone in your life is acting extra irritable or just weird. Attempt to share your insight with them. Try to be that teacher I mentioned. Spread the information and help others understand that sometimes our high emotions are out of our control and that is why it is so important to pay attention to what triggers these high emotional peaks. When we can recognize what upsets us, we can work on how to release it from our hearts.
Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Take this time to work on love in all areas of your life, yourself, your significant other, your children, family and friends. If your relationships are all healthy, kudos to you, but you can always love a little harder especially when it comes to yourself. You may feel a spark of creativity in general, try to use a little of it towards your relationships. The last full moon was in Aries which can be a turbulent sign for love and relationships, use the compassion that comes with Venus to help mend any strain that was placed on your relationships over the last few weeks.
The full moon brought a lot of changes with it and the Jupiter move brought the need for transformation. Now is the time to clear your mind and focus on how you will adjust to these changes. We may feel the need to break free of routine and a heavy feeling of boredom may lead us to defying schedules and be more spontaneous. This would be a great thing to combine with the need to repair any hardships that hit our relationships. Make a random reservation for a romantic dinner or getaway, take your kid on an adventure, surprise someone with a thoughtful gift.
Compromise and balance are what can be found through this moon cycle if you pay attention and make some effort. Restore the fairness and compromise in your relationships. Pay attention to the faults in relationships that are standing out the most, Libra is going to amplify them and allow you to clearly see the areas that deserve your attention.

believe you deserve it
Aside from being mindful of the planets this time is perfect to manifest your wishes and desires. When I do my manifestations I generally focus on what I need emotionally, creatively, and in business. I feel that by focusing on these things I am addressing all aspects in my life. By dealing with my emotions I am considering my relationships. Manifesting creative balance helps me with my emotions and business. Focusing on business helps me to remain motivated and use the most effective avenues to be able to give my clients what they need, and to help me be financially secure.
Sometimes I make a whole ritual out of it, have a manifestation bath, smudge, pull tarot cards, meditate and pamper myself. Other times I am just too busy to do all that and I jot down my manifestations, thank the moon & universe for hearing me (or a specific God or Goddess, or just God, whatever you believe in is fine) because gratitude is very important, put them in my box and I’m done. I have a special wooden box that I am placing my manifestations in so that I can reflect on them at the end of the year to see what areas in my life need more of my energy.
I like to visualize these things happening. I see myself speaking smoothly while educating clients instead of tripping over my words because of anxiety. I see myself just getting in the car to go get the mail instead of trying to plan every detail, including which road to take, and if I should go somewhere else first and on and on.
I have been thinking about what I would like to manifest this month. I have been struggling with protecting my own energy while working on others. It has been a huge wall for me and I am trying my best to break through it. Being a healer is the most amazing and rewarding gift but it can be extremely difficult to protect yourself from absorbing the emotions of your clients. Last week a client complained of a headache and neck pain before I did a little energy work on her. Guess who fought a tension headache the rest of the day? I always want to help them as quickly as I can, putting myself second. So, my biggest manifestation this month will be to protect my energy.
I also need to work on self-care. I go, go, go for everyone else and even when I know I need a break I will push through so everyone else gets what they need. This is something many women struggle with. I’m usually pretty good about taking time for my skin a couple times a week by doing exfoliation and masks but I need to take it further than that. Maybe you have seen the post floating around Facebook about the girl writing her boss an e-mail saying she won’t be able to make it to work because she needs a mental health day? I LOVE that post. I have always believed that mental health days are important for your emotional AND physical wellbeing.
In the past few months my family has had a lot of changes. My mom went back to Africa which always throws Claire into a tailspin for a while. My husband finally got off the road and is home for good. I have been playing catch up from being off work for two surgeries and started this blog and a new business. Things have been hectic to say the least and we are still trying to catch our groove, so I am also manifesting opportunities for me to be able to have quality alone time with my husband and daughter to kind of reconnect.
With Christmas coming up I will manifest new business opportunities to help take some of the pressure off us financially.
While I write these down I really visualize them happening. I love to include herbs, incense and crystals into my manifestations! Good herbs for these manifestations would be things targeted for relaxation and creativity like chamomile, calendula, lavender and anything citrus. I love bergamot in my tea to help with a calm, creative flow. The crystals I would use would be Rose Quartz for self-love to help me take time for myself, Pyrite or Goldstone for business, Black Tourmaline and Angelite to protect my energy while doing energy work, and Garnet for strengthening the bond in my little family during our quality time together. Candles are also a great way to amplify your manifestation ritual, which by the way you don’t have to call it a ritual. Manifestations are a lot like praying, its putting out to the Universe, or your God that you need help achieving these things that you’re welcoming in your life.
Regardless of what you call it, who you pray to, or how you do it, put your faith in yourself. You can do this. You can manifest your desires into reality.
Don’t stop at writing them down. You will be given opportunities to help you reach your goals, don’t be afraid to take them. Nothing in life happens without effort, give your dreams the effort they deserve and watch them blossom like the first flowers in spring time.

Love & Light


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