My Top Nine Crystals

A few years ago, I was feeling such a powerful calling to go back to my spiritual path. I had strayed from it quite a bit for quite a while and needed to do some work on myself before I could get to my true calling, helping others heal. I was researching feverishly (this was the first time I had practiced since things became as easy and Bing and Pinterest) and couldn’t believe how much I hadn’t even started to learn.
I had been through a lot since I last practiced, and I had a lot I never let go of from before then, as well. I wanted to make sure this was a fresh start. This isn’t to say that I found crystals to instantly makeover my life. It doesn’t quite work like that, unfortunately. I needed some new directions to go in and had even though I had always found crystal healing to be a little hokey, I thought it was worth a shot. I had been having major migraines and was at the end of my rope. I was looking for some natural remedies on Etsy (I love shopping from small businesses and healers) and a crystal kit came up. I figured this was as good of a place to start as any. To my surprise, I have not gotten migraines like that since. I will get them occasionally, but it never happens when I am paying attention to my needs. I can feel the pressure building now actually and grabbed my Magnesite.
I was a believer and I needed more of these magical little beauties.
On the search I went for some basic, gentle, but effective crystals. I don’t know if you have ever delved into crystal research but holy hell it’s a rabbit hole. I didn’t want to spend a fortune and honestly didn’t know what a good price was, either. I was overwhelmed to say the very least. I read blogs, pins and just about everything I could get my hands on and still felt like I wasn’t truly getting it. I was at a loss and I was getting really discouraged. I didn’t know anyone that could help me out and I always feel like it’s not ok to be a beginner, which is ridiculous, so I didn’t want to join a group on Facebook to learn more. What if they laughed at me? What if I asked a stupid question?
Here was my turning point.
ANXIETY. It has been holding me back in life for as long as I can remember, literally. I don’t remember a time that it didn’t control my life. That’s where I was going to start, crystals for anxiety. So, back to researching I went. I started to feel a little better about this whole situation. I found that if I look at my symptoms first, ask myself where I need help, then search, I was much better off. I have struggled with anxiety, depression, insomnia, self-doubt, energy protection and controlling my intuitive energies, a lot. I wanted some basic crystals that were multi-beneficial.
I’m going to save you a ton of time with this list! If you feel that you need something more than what I am sharing, please reach out. I will also be offering a kit of all these crystals! Comment or message me for more deets, but for now, welcome to the magical world of crystal healing. You’ll never be the same if you allow yourself to be open to this.

Top nine crystals FINISHED

Now you have a list of crystals but what the heck does it all mean?
Quartz- I like to think of this crystal as the best starting point for anyone’s collection, regardless of what they’re specifically targeting. It’s considered by most to be the most powerful healing crystal on earth. It amplifies energy and intentions while also helping spiritual development, connecting one beyond themselves and into the universe. It would seem to be the most common of crystals, which often means it’s looked over. It’s an intuitive stone that takes on the vibration that is needed and resonating at the level of a person’s needs. It’s amazing to use in grids because it’s so flexible in use and because of its amplification properties. Quartz is clear in color. Quartz works well for your Crown Chakra to aid in spiritual enlightenment and the Third Eye for awareness and intuition. Storing necklaces of this crystal in a bowl of hematite is recommended, otherwise the crystal can be cleansed by running it under water, smudging or burying. It can be charged by the moon but it loves the sun. Quartz is also known as Rock Crystal and is associated with Leo, Gemini and Capricorn.
Citrine- I turned to Citrine to help with focus, depression and to help manage my stress. It’s also great for children who have trouble concentrating. It stimulates the metabolic process of the liver and is a great option for someone who takes a lot of medications. It symbolizes individuality and inspires confidence and determination. It was worn by soldiers in Caesar’s legions because it is said to have life-saving properties. It is recognized as the stone of light, sun and life and is a yellowish color that’s caused by magnesium and titanium. Citrine works well for your Solar Plexus Chakra and the parts to the body connected to it. Some say it is self-cleansing and some say it should be cleansed under warm running water immediately after use and is best charged by the sun. Smudging is ok but this crystal loves the sun so I wouldn’t advise burying it. Citrine is associated with Gemini and Virgo.
Rose Quartz- This was my first crystal ever. I went to a funky little shop to get my ritual supplies and was always drawn to these crystals necklaces. Little did I know how much it would snowball in the future. I now have that same crystal sewn into my favorite pillow. (Which my husband hates and wishes I would get rid of because it’s almost as old as I am. A little gross and a lot weird, I know lol!) Rose Quartz has been considered the stone of love for many, many centuries and a stone of fertility. It is very effective against radiation- keep it by your computer to repel headaches and eye fatigue. Contradictory to that, when placed by your bed it helps your quality of sleep. It helps heal a broken heart and open untrusting hearts to love. It will strengthen a friendship (I just gifted my soul sister a big Rose Quartz necklace and got a matching one for myself.) and increases sexuality and opens the mind to a more beautiful outlook on life (rose colored glasses). It works well with the Heart Chakra for both healing and opening. It should be cleansed under running water, smudged or by hematite. It is best charged overnight in an amethyst geode. Trust me, the moon will do but don’t put this stone in the sun or it will lose its pretty pink hues. Rose Quarts is associated with Taurus and Libra.

Selenite- Ahhhh Selenite, you magnanimous healer. It brings a very deep connectivity to the angels and higher beings. I have Selenite EVERYWHERE because it dispels negativity. It can quickly unblock stagnant energy so that it can be moved and released. It’s a perfect match for someone who is trying to improve and build their intuition, clairvoyance and psychic abilities. People often struggle to determine the difference between intuition and worry, this will help you see the difference. Selenite has an extremely high vibration and brings clarity and positivity to any situation. If I am struggling to see things clearly, I meditate with my wand. My wand is spectacular! Michelle Oberg helped me track it down, and she would be more than happy to help you, too! She can be reached on FB via message.
selenite wand with owl painting
Consciousness and connectivity are the theme of this crystal and it will help clear your aura and bring positivity to any place it’s present. I could literally go on and on about Selenite, it is my favorite crystal to use especially when combined with Kyanite. I love to tap into my psychic abilities to make myself a better healer. It is a motivating crystal that will push you to move forward. Selenite works well with the Crown and Third Eye Chakras because of its connection to Spirit and angels. Do not get Selenite wet! It is a self-cleansing crystal and can clear other crystal’s energies. I personally like to run all my crystals through the smoke of herbal smudge but in a pinch, I will run my Selenite wand over the crystals I need cleansed. I prefer to put this out to charge under the moon but you could put it in the sun. I prefer the moon to the sun for anything. I love the moon. ❤ Selenite is associated with Taurus.

crystals on triangle shelf.JPG
Turritella Agate- One of the coolest looking stones I have come across, it looks like snail shells have been captured in an earthy swirl. I have a huge teardrop ring that I wear everyday made from Turritella Agate. It is a record keeper stone that will reconnect you with the wisdom from past lives. It’s great to relieve fatigue, and I really need to be better about taking my ring off at night because I’m sure my insomnia loves the damn thing. It is a stone that protects from danger and will ease transformations. It promotes inner stability and healing. Turritella will help remove fear, eliminate negative emotions and release bitterness in your heart. It brings comfort in times of trial and tribulation and will help your survival instincts. It works well for the Root Chakra as it is a very grounding stone. I like to smudge my Turritella and charge under the moon but magnify my Turritella by charging with Selenite as well. Turritella is associated with Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.

Amethyst- A sober crystal that literally protects against drunkenness, it promotes clear thinking, concentration and rational decision-making skills. It helps to alleviate migraines and nervous headaches will subside when a cross-section of Amethyst is in the room. The Greeks wore it for protection, magic and homesickness and many more people use it for justice and protection against burglars and thieves. It helps dispel evil and negative thoughts and promotes confidence. Amethyst aids in concentration and motivation, and is also said to attract justice. It has been used in manifestation work to ward off negative gossip and help to reveal truth. You can use Amethyst to relax, soothe and promote a healthy sleep patter. In geode form this crystal is truly breathtaking. It works well with the Crown Chakra due to its help in concentration. You can run Amethyst under water, smudge, overnight in the ground or with other crystals. DO not charge in the sun or it will fade. I have always been drawn to Amethyst and was pleasantly surprised to find that it is associated with my sign, Pisces.
Smoky Quartz- A crystal that varies from a slight black or gray (smoky) quartz. Some of them barely have the slightest hint of smoke to them. Completely black Smoky Quartz are known as Morion Quartz. Long ago was considered mostly a stone of protection and the stories say that it would turn darker when danger was near. I have always meant to watch a specific piece over time to see if great change could be noticed once taken from the place of origin. It helps bring a gentle grieving process for those in mourning and will bring you to a place of strength and overcoming the sadness. New challenges are met with motivation and clarity with Smoky Quartz and it will help you face life with courage. It works well for the Sacral chakra and should be cleansed monthly. Cleansing can be done by water, smudge, overnight in the ground or with other crystals. I wouldn’t put it out in the sun to chance the smoke fading and recommend charging it under the moon.

crystals at moms with salt lamp
Sodalite- Artists, singers, writers and anyone creative love Sodalite because it inspires the creative flow and will also help refrain an artist from getting blocked. Its also a protective stone that brings loyalty and self-confidence. It promotes spiritual harmony and is said to reduce high blood pressure and regulate the thyroid gland. It’s a stone that needs to be touched. It works best when physically worked with by carrying it around or wearing it. It will absorb your stress as a worry stone and the connection between you and the stone will increase over time, so finding a really good piece that resonates with you, and using that same one as often as possible will strengthen the energy. It needs to be cleansed weekly when worked with this intensely. It is said to get cloudy or darken if it goes too long between cleansing. It can be cleansed by water, smudge, burying or by other crystals and charges in a bowl of water and rock salt. I usually just do the moon but I should be better about doing the salt water method more often. It works well with the Third Eye Chakra and is the stone of Sagittarians.

Black Tourmaline- I was immediately drawn to this stone for its grounding properties and bonus, it’s my favorite color. It really helped me through navigating my own emotions from other’s emotions. Being an empath my emotions get muddled with the energy and emotions of those around me fairly easily if I don’t watch myself. It helps fight off stress and fatigue while bringing a secure sense of safety. This is my go to stone for protection and I always keep some by my front door. It’s the perfect shield from psychic vampires and negativity. It is also known as Schorl and should be rubbed for luck and happiness. It works well with the Root Chakra and can be cleansed by water, smudge, burying or by other crystals. I haven’t ever put it in the sun, always the moon. Black Tourmaline is a stone of the Taurus.
These were all part of my first crystal purchases and they are still staples in my rituals and everyday life. There is no reason that you should feel you can’t turn to crystals for healing, regardless of your spiritual beliefs. I have met people from all kinds of backgrounds who use crystal healing. There has been a stigma for many years that they’re solely used in ritual work but you don’t have to have a large drawn out ritual to use crystals. You can cleanse, charge and be done with it. You should be mindful of their presence and acknowledge their energy but it isn’t necessary to think magic or spells when thinking crystals.
I prefer to stay away from using water on most of my crystals because it’s a no-no for some and I am too busy to keep track of which ones can and can’t be in the water so I basically avoid it. I use the same approach with the sun, it’s not advised for some to go in the sun so I just avoid it. I prefer the welcoming cloak of darkness I get to enjoy with the moon anyways.
That wraps up my Top Nine! I really can’t put into words the difference crystal healing has made in my life. I’m happy to help you get started on your journey with crystals or guide you to specific ones. Please don’t hesitate to reach out! All of these crystals are available for purchase through me and come with a Palo Santo stick to cleanse with. They come cleansed and charged in my custom cleansing salt.

crystal packs in hutch
Love & Light


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