A Peek At Crystals

This is a photo of my crystal grid and altar I set up last night to help me while I worked. I am currently focusing on a few things

  • Expressing gratitude for what I have, where I am, and what I have accomplished.
  • Healing my heart from past situations and letting go .
  • Intuition and clarity
  • Manifesting abundance
  • Clear communication
  • Creative flow without blocks

Each crystal pictured was chosen for specific reasons.

  • Aragonite is featured in my grid because it teaches one to release the past and focus on the present. Other properties include- inspiring Earth healing and preservation, aids in self-control and recovery of the body. It also stabilizes emotions, which I can always use!

FullSizeRender (1)

  • Selenite is one of my favorites! I used it in my grid to stimulate brain activity, expand awareness, and represent the clearest state of mind. I also just really love this wand I got from Michelle Oberg (who I got all of these featured crystals from)and use it in almost every ritual or grid I do.



  • Also pictured above are my beloved Kyanite pieces. Black Kyanite is featured in my grid for its energy shielding, grounding and dream work enhancement. It is also considered a revival stone, It’s a very grounding, and clearing stone. Its great for your Root Chakra. Green Kyanite is featured because it allows you to open your heart and mind to others, it is also very balancing. Blue Kyanite is featured for intuition, spirituality and to alleviate stress, anger and anxiety. It is also said to be the perfect compass when you need direction in your life.
  • Rose Quartz is featured in my grid for self- love & understanding, self-esteem and to work on unconditional love for myself. This is a stone of all kinds of love and is very good for your Heart Chakra.


  • Sodalite is featured in my grid for its stimulation toward living according to your own beliefs and values, equating to an authentic life. I also chose it for its assistance in self-expression, communication, knowledge and again for self-esteem and confidence. Sodalite is a great stone to replace emotional energy with calm and rational energies. It is definitely good for those who suffer with anxiety. Its beneficial to your Throat Chakra.


  • I included Pyrite in my grid for success in my businesses, abundance and luck in money. My brother actually finds a lot of these pieces for me but I purchased the large one in this photo. Pyrite is knows for its vitalizing energy, grounding properties, intellect, willpower and focus. It’s also beneficial for creative flow.


I’m kind of laid back in my rituals. I don’t always make grids, light candles and sage. I do stay tuned into my crystals to feel the vibrations to know when to cleanse and charge them. Often I will just choose random crystals intuitively, sometimes without even remembering what they’re good for. I trust my intuition to guide me to what I need when I am too exhausted to, or when I just want to surround myself with kick ass crystals and can’t seem to choose which ones.

It can be easy to over think these kinds of things and want to do diligent research so you don’t ‘do it wrong’. I promise,  there is no wrong way to work with crystals. There are guidelines that most adhere to that include cleansing them, charging them and making sure you know which ones are ok in the sun and which ones shouldn’t be in water- I should probably do a separate post about doing just that! Other than these basics, start figuring out what you would like crystals to do for you. The most amazing thing about crystals is they find their way to you when you need them, and they know when it is their time to return to Mother Earth, or be gifted to someone else. That simple knowledge of knowing where to be and listening to timing, is wisdom I think we could all use a little more of.

Love & Light





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