Full Moon In Pisces

Ahhhh, Pisces….sweet, wonderful dreamer with your head full of desire to learn & heart so full of emotion you could burst.

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac wheel which means you may find things in your life are wrapping up. This can mean ends that have come on their own or things you need to bring to an end. With the recent eclipse and Mercury Rx you may have noticed high tensions and may have felt like you were constantly on edge, waiting for the tiniest thing to cause you to snap. Let it go. One thing about a Mercury Rx is that it tends to bring certain things to light. If a certain someone or certain something is on our last nerve, its going to be amplified during Rx.

You may find yourself with your head in the clouds a lot over the next while. Pisces is a very creative sign, which makes this a great time to journal, blog, paint, sketch etc. Pisces can also be very evasive and tend to live in the clouds vs reality. Try to be mindful and grounded, you can only escape reality so long before it crashes down on you.

Creative influences will follow even after the Full Moon for a couple weeks. Harness this time to help motivate new projects. Creativity isn’t always artistic. After all, there are creative ways to make and break deals, earn money, invest, etc.

During a Full Moon we are presented the opportunity to release our fears, anger, frustrations, negative people….anything that no longer serves your life and journey positively. Some people like to make a ritual out of Full Moon Releases & some choose to quickly scribble them down and burn them. The choice is completely personal and effective regardless of how much effort you put into it.

When I do my whole ritual ( not gonna lie, a lot of the time I half ass it) I start by cleaning and smudging my house.  I like to think of the Full Moon as a fresh start. I then have a bath with a chakra soak and light the correlating chakra candle. I generally tune in and see which chakra needs the most help. On occasion I am so blocked that I cant get a good read and I will reach out to another professional. There have been times when I have chosen the chakra based on what the Full Moon and planets are doing. For instance, this Full Moon brings a lot of dreaminess and imagination so you may want to focus on your Muladhara or Root Chakra. After my bath I like to sit down and think about the things that have been bothering me that month. Some things take time to release and need to be done over numerous months, be patient with yourself. I have some releases I do every month….what can I say? Some people really irritate my soul and need to be removed from my energy monthly..KIDDING! Kind of LOL! But for things like my anxiety, self-doubts, self-scrutiny- I have to release them often. Once I write down everything I need to, I either burn them or flush them, sometimes I even send them down the creek at my family’s cabin.

Certain things build up quickly and its ok to feel like you have to release things every month. There is no right or wrong way to do releases, choose a ritual that works for you, write that shit down, then let it burn!

Whichever way you decide to do your release remember that you are RELEASING them. They no longer have the power to have a negative influence on your life.

Love & Light



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